The EGO POWER+ LB5302 is a cordless handheld leaf blower delivering 530 CFM at 110 MPH. It features a 2.5 Ah 56 V Li-ion POWER+ battery.

EGO Power+LB5302 530 CFM Blower

The EGO POWER+ LB5302 blower is equipped with an advanced 56V arc lithium battery with 2.5Ah capacity and can operate at 3 variable speeds: rated airflow of 250 cfm, 400 cfm and 530 cfm. The 530 cfm airflow in turbo mode makes the LB5302 the most powerful cordless leaf blower available. The motor features a lightweight, compact design for longer run times, reduced vibration and extended motor life. Featuring vortex fan engineering inspired by advanced aviation technology. The compact and lightweight design weighs 7.4 lbs. The blower's top speed isn't as high as a gas blower, although it's still good enough at 114 mph. After all, it is a battery-powered unit. Note that it is the airflow, not the speed, that determines the ability to move a lot of leaves. It's also not as noisy as its gasoline-powered counterpart.



Easily move heavy debris by pushing the turbo button for 530 CFM


Choose between speeds of 250-530 CFM for ultimate control


Delivers longer run time, low vibrations and an extended motor life


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Equipped with an advanced 56V Arc lithium battery with 2.5Ah capacity, the EGO POWER+ LB5302 blower operates at 3 variable speeds: airflow rated at 250 cfm, 400 cfm, and 530 cfm. The 530 cfm airflow volume in turbo mode makes the LB5302 the most powerful cordless leaf blower available. At just 7.4 pounds including the battery, the effortless portability of the EGO POWER+ LB5302 more than makes up for any shortcoming. It’s also not as noisy as its gas-powered counterparts. It must be said that the battery lasts only 15 minutes in turbo mode, but then, the 2.5Ah Arc lithium battery takes merely 30 minutes to charge, so get a couple of spares and you’ll be able to tackle any task with this blower.


Power: The EGO POWER+ LB5302 can force 530 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) from its nozzle at a maximum speed of 110 MPH.

Power delivery: Since the device is powered by a brushless, battery-operated motor, it doesn’t require to be plugged in and therefore, it allows superb freedom of movement.

Battery: With its 2.5 Ah 56 V Li-ion POWER+ battery (1 BA1400 battery included), the EGO POWER+ LB5302 has a standard, full-charge run time of up to 75 minutes.

Handling: With its handheld design, this leaf blower was created with portability in mind. Most users will have no problem using it almost anywhere. At 7.5 lbs (battery included), the EGO POWER+ LB5302 is within the average weight range of cordless handheld blowers.

Speed Settings: EGO designed the POWER+ LB5302 with control and precision in mind. That’s why this model has 3 speed settings, meaning that its air output can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs.

Noise: With a decibel rating of 64 dB, the POWER+ LB5302 is neither louder nor quieter than its rivals in the electric handheld category.

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